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Which Middle Sister Are You?

We recently hired a very expensive international research firm to analyze the attitudes and personalities of our wine sisters based on their hair style, outfits, accessories & and so forth. (O.K. not really, but we did have some fun putting this together after a couple of glasses of wine).  

Anyway, have some fun with it and find out the answer to the burning question:  are you a Smarty Pants or Forever Cool?
Take the quiz and find out.

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We're Winners!

The competition was fierce, but Wild One Malbec just won Double Gold at the Houston Livestock Competition and Silvers at the San Diego International Wine Competition, the California State Fair and the Dallas Morning News Competition!

And she's not the only winning sister in the family. Plenty of our girls are wearing medals these days… take a look!



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The Wine Sisterhood was founded by a group of female wine marketers, collegues, and friends who share years of experience creating successful wine brands. Their mission is to create an innovative, interactive community that puts consumers in charge of developing wines they really want to drink. Through use of the blogopshere and social media, the Wine Sisterhood has been able to tap into the collective creativity and inspiration of their many sisters (and misters!) and have created a dialogue between those who make wines and those who buy them.

The first brain-child of this group, Middle Sister Wines represents how the Wine Sisterhood gives voice to the female perspective. Thanks to the many women who make up the marketers, wine makers, and consumers (sisters, all of us!), Middle Sister Wines is able to spread laughter and evenings full of pleasureful indulgence to women all over the country. As Rebel Red would say, "dude!"